Board Secretary

Board Secretary
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  • Mr. Li Mingguang,born in 1969,Chinese

    Mr. Li became the Vice President of the Company in November 2014. He became the Chief Actuary of the Company in March 2012 and became the Board Secretary of the Company in June 2017. Mr. Li joined the Company in 1996 and subsequently served as the Deputy Division Chief, the Division Chief, an Assistant to the General Manager of the Product Development Department, the Responsible Actuary of the Company and the General Manager of the Actuarial Department. He graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in Computer Science with a Bachelor’s degree in 1991, Central University of Finance and Economics majoring in Monetary Banking (Actuarial Science) with a Master’s degree in 1996 and Tsinghua University with an EMBA in 2010, and also studied in University of Pennsylvania in the United States in 2011. Mr. Li is a Fellow of the China Association of Actuaries (FCAA) and a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (FIA). He was the Chairman of the first session of the China Actuarial Working Committee and the Secretary-general of both the first and the second sessions of the China Association of Actuaries. He is currently an Executive Director of the China Association of Actuaries and a Special Executive of the Board of Directors of the Insurance Institute of China.